Date formats are controlled by your browser and/or operating system. To change to Australian formats:

  • Safari on Mac
    • System Preferences -> Language & Text -> Edit List...
    • Tick "Australian English"
    • Un-tick "English"
    • Close and re-open Safari
  • Chrome on Mac
    • Chrome -> Preferences -> Settings -> Show advanced settings... -> Language and input settings Choose... Select a language to add...
    • Choose "English/Australian"
    • Move "English/Australian" to the top of the list (or delete all other languages)
    • Click "Ok", Close, exit and re-open Chrome
  • Firefox on Mac
    • Firefox -> Preferences -> Content -> Choose your preferred language for displaying pages... -> Language and input settings... ->Add
    • Choose "Australian English"
    • Drag "Australian English" to the top of the list
    • Click "Done", Close and re-open Firefox

After you close and re-open your browser you should be asked to login to Donors again. If not, make sure you really, really stop your browser and restart (worst case, reboot :-)). You should see "en_AU" to the right of "Logout" on the Donors menu bar if all is well.