Available Beds
Week Commencing714212841118252916233061320274111825181522295121926
Sunday 1212121210612121212121212121212606300010138912
Monday 1212121212612121212121212121212606300010138912
Tuesday 1212121212612121212121212121212606300010138912
Wednesday 12121212126121212121212121212126013000101312912
Thursday 12121212126101212121212121212126010000101312912
Friday 12121210126101212121212121212126010000101312912
Saturday 121212101261012121212121212121260100001012312912
  • All beds are available
  • Some beds are available
  • No beds are available
  • For Beds 13 and 14 (Games Room) see Booking Conditions and/or contact Booking Manager
Merriment's COVID Safe Plan

Please see the Policies and Procedures page for Merriment’s COVID Safe Plan, which becomes effective 17 June 2020 and will remain a requirement until further notice.

It's designed to help ensure the safety of all members and their guests at Merriment this winter and outlines what procedures are required during a stay.

All persons occupying the lodge are to familiarise themselves with the content of the Safe Plan and must abide by its requirements. When it comes to COVID-19 safety we are all responsible:

  1. The Committee has a responsibility to provide the COVID safety measures necessary at the lodge and the procedures that need to be followed
  2. Members and their guests have a responsibility to follow the procedures
  3. Hut Captain has a responsibility to ensure all members and guests are following the procedures

Your committee has carefully prepared the COVID Safe Plan and the in-house safety measures. To ensure the procedures are followed, before arrival at the Lodge we will require each member and guest (18 years or over) to sign a Waiver of Liability (Policies and Procedures page). Lodge Captains will also be required to sign an acknowledgement of their responsibilities. The Booking Manager will co-ordinate this process.

Other key requirement changes include – policy for allocation and occupancy of bedrooms and bathrooms, bring your own pillows, 4.00pm check-in time each Sunday to allow more time for cleaning and de-sanitising by contract cleaner. All details are outlined in the COVID Safe Plan.

This might all sound a bit onerous. I can assure you we have tried to make this as simple and as practical as possible and we are confident that the COVID Safe Plan is workable and that by following the procedures your stay at Merriment this winter can be a safe one and as enjoyable as ever. The Committee is happy to answer any questions or concerns you still may have. However if after digesting this information you are still uncomfortable about going ahead with your booking this year please let the Booking Manager know as soon as possible and we can organise a full refund.

Lastly a big thank you goes to the Committee and to Tony Berriman in helping pull all this together at short notice.

Regards, Warwick Read, President