Available Beds
Week Commencing714212851219262916233061320276132027310172418152229
Sunday 121212121212127812121212121212121212121212122121212121212
Monday 121212121212127812121212121212121212121212128121212121212
Tuesday 12124121212127812121212121212121212121212128121212121212
Wednesday 1212121212121231212121212121212121212121212128121212121212
Thursday 12121212121278121212121212121212121212121288121212121212
Friday 12121212101278121212121212121212121212121228121212121212
Saturday 121212121012781212121212121212121212121212212121212121212
  • All beds are available
  • Some beds are available
  • No beds are available
  • For Beds 13 and 14 (Games Room) see Booking Conditions and/or contact Booking Manager
Merriment's COVID Safe Plan - November 2021

Before arrival at the Lodge each member and guest (18 years or over) will be required to:

The policies and requirements are designed to help ensure the safety of all members and their guests at Merriment. When it comes to COVID-19 safety we are all responsible:

  • The Committee has a responsibility to provide the COVID safety measures and the procedures that need to be followed
  • Members and their guests have a responsibility to follow the procedures
  • Lodge Captains have a responsibility to ensure all members and guests follow the procedures

From May 2021:

  • Check-in time each Sunday is 4.00pm to allow more time for cleaning and de-sanitising
  • Beds 13 and 14 are available for bookings as per policy previous to COVID
  • The requirement to bring own pillows has been removed